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All Final Smashes Video

Fri Feb 01, 2008 4:48 pm by MKDS_PoKE

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New "Brawl" Updates

Tue Jan 29, 2008 8:38 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Hey everyone. I've opened a seperate new forum for all the discussion on these leaks and such, so go check it out:



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New Famitsu Scans

Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:35 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Via Brawl Central:

Smash Ball Community - Portal* 2008_01_25(2)

Smash Ball Community - Portal* 2008_01_25(1)

Smash Ball Community - Portal* 2008_01_25(3)

Smash Ball Community - Portal* 2008_01_25(4)

# Final Destination is now 100% completely confirmed.
# The ordering for character weight that was shown a few days ago lists the percentages that it takes to KO that character with Mario's Side Smash from the center of Final Destination.
# The best three attacks listed for each character tell which attacks have the most knockback, and what percentage they can KO Mario from the center of Final Destination.
# Wall Clinging is confirmed.
# All of the smashes listed are uncharged.
# Mario can be KO'd at 17% by a fully charged side smash from King Dedede. So from the characters we know, Dedede's fully charged Side Smash is the most powerful move in the game.
# The Pokemon Trainer's pokemon all get fatigued at about 2 minutes, even if you dont move them. They all show visible signs of fatigue: Charizard lowers his head and wings. Squirtle drops his front hands to the ground. Ivysaur's bulb withers.
# The Fanmitsu magazine confirms the starting roster is the 23 characters on the Dojo. (minus Snake and Sonic, and including Zero Suit Samus and Sheik)
# Once fatigued, a Pokemon becomes much slower.
# If you do an aerial dodoge the precise moment before you are hit by an opponent, it will reverse the attack.
# The game allows you to access the rules menu directly from the character select screen.
# When Sheik attacks with certain items such as the Star Rod and Beam Sword, she swings upward twice with a single motion.
# The damage percentages were determined in training mode against a dummy CP and do not take DI in to account.
# Wario's bite can swallow and destroy items and projectiles thrown at him. Everytime he does this, he takes 6% damage.
# The magazine makes no mention of being able to start as Zero Suit Samus …

[ Full reading ]

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Lucario, Ness, Jigglypuff Confirmed!

Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:56 am by MKDS_PoKE

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48 Characters Confirmed

Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:56 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Via Brawl Central:

My translator gave me a summary of that the image says. Here's what he had to say:

The top paragraph simply says that compared to Melee's 25 character roster, this time around Brawl will have 48 characters, nearly twice as much as Melee. The next paragraph talks about Snake being included in the game and how it's sort of a crossover in fighting from a different series and not just Nintendo. But it mentions he was in a similar crossover fighting game a while ago called Dream Mix. Then it mentions Sonic and how he's also in a Nintendo/Mario game (Olympics). And Lucas is mentioned as he was going to be in Melee, but because the game didnt come out for the GBA in time, he wasn't in Melee.

Smash Ball Community - Portal* Brawl48dj8

We're not even sure if this image is real of rake, but that's what the text says.

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Ness? DECONFIRMED? - false

Sat Jan 19, 2008 1:26 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Via Brawl Central:

We're currently translating the image of Ness that appears in the latest Famitsu issue, but so far we've got this:

Title: "Do you remember Ness?

Ness, a representative of the Mother 2 series, has been appearing in Smash. He started out in Smash Bros. as a hidden character. In order to make him playable all that trouble you had to go to...Incidentally, the movie featured on the official website reveals that Mr. Saturn is still a throwable item."
Smash Ball Community - Portal* IMG_0869

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Whobby 08 Updates Again!

Fri Jan 18, 2008 4:45 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Via Brawl Central

Tonight at 7:00 EST/4:00 PST, the World Hobby Fair begins once again. Brawl is again playable, and we'll be here to give you more impressions and information as it comes, just as we provided last week.

Every event that features a Brawl playable demo has never featured the same demo twice. What can we expect this time? Will Olimar and Zelda/Sheik be playable? Also, where has Lucas been? If any new characters are playable, which it seems likely, we'll be providing you with everything we got on them. If the demo happens to be the same as last week's, we'll still be updating with more impressions. Be sure not to miss it.

The Updates

-Event is over. Expect info to come in from attendees shortly, just like last week.
-Colors: White Kirby. Pink, Purple, Orange Dedede.
-Victory Poses: Dedede puffing out his stomach, Wario lauughing and holding his belly, and Ike jumping very high and coming back down.
-Someone claims that a weird rabbit appears as an AT. Could be Demille, who was mentioned in Sakurai's journal.
-King Dedede doesn't have as many super armor frames as other heavy characters like Bowser and Ike.
-Unconfirmed report of Eevee being the Pokeball Pokemon and evolving into one of its evolutions to attack. So far the person claims to have seen multiple Eevee evolutions.
-Leafeon, who is one of the new Eevee evolutions is a Pokeball. It fires a grass-type projectile. (Like Chikorita of Melee probably)
-Onix, Chansey and Meowth as Pokeballs (The only new one there is Chansey).
-Darkrai is a Pokemon from a Pokeball
-Adeline(from the Kirby series) as an AT.
-Charizard has 3 jumps
-Stafy is useless (as we figured)
-Smashville has a balloon that gives you items, like the Shy-Guys in Yoshi's stage.
-Assist Trophies don't spawn very often.
-Squirtle victory pose: Squirtle runs from in front of the camera, spins around PT and does a victory pose with his left hand.
-Apparently the person saying that Lucario was a Pokeball …

[ Full reading ]

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The Worst Update Ever

Tue Jan 15, 2008 7:51 am by MKDS_PoKE

If confirmed at dojo that the release is now March 9th. Will this interfere with are tournament? No. I do not think so anyway. Here is some new stage information though:

Smash Ball Community - Portal* Stage22_080115a
The floor is bouncy with vines.

Smash Ball Community - Portal* Stage22_080115b
Their is the online and some caps.

Smash Ball Community - Portal* Stage22_080115c
The weather effects the stage.

Smash Ball Community - Portal* Stage22_080115e
Don't get eaten.


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Smash Connect

Thu Jan 17, 2008 10:00 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Perfect for connect smashers together an use for tournaments, register now:

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Translations - Trophies and Movesets

Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:41 pm by MKDS_PoKE

Via are friends at Brawl Central:

We have new translations in store for you today. Our translator, Yoshi
has been translating the trophies seen in the recent "How to Play"
video for Brawl. We also have updated the movesets page with more
characters and moves.

"Casual Wear Link" Trophy

It's Link in casual wear. He's wearing a cut-and-sewn V-neck shirt
with a lobster design on both front and back. His orange capri pants
coordinate his outfit. He's known as the fashion leader among the
residents of Outset Island. Compared to his well-known green outfit,
this one is more leisurely.

[Gamecube] The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

"Tom Nook's Nephews" Trophy

Here is Tom Nook and his nephews Timmy and Tommy who appear on the
second floor of the Nookington's Department Store once you pay enough
to maximize his store.They tend to say their sentences together but
usually one or the other finishes his sentence last so you'll often
hear a "...anks" or a "..wait". Tommy usually finishes his sentences
after Timmy.

[Gamecube]Animal Crossing
[Nintendo DS] Animal Crossing Wild World

In the link below, we have translations for the following (this list will be updated):

<li>All of Pit's Specials and Pelutina's Army
</li><li>Dedede's Inhale
</li><li>Bowser's Diving Slam
</li>Zelda's Farore's Wind, Nayru's Love, Sheik Change, and Light Arrows
All of snake's specials and grenades
All of Wario's Specials
<li>Kirby's Cutter, In Hale and Stone

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